Hamamatsu Fruit Park Tokinosumika

  • 无花果
  • 李子
  • 枇杷
  • 柿子
  • 桃子
  • 桔子
  • 梅子
  • 樱桃
  • 猕猴桃
  • 苹果
  • 葡萄
  • 蓝莓
农园名 Hamamatsu Fruit Park Tokinosumika
农园信息 4300 fruit trees from 160 species grow at this agricultural park in a temperate zone. There are restaurants, wineries, a pizza making area, a handmade items studio, water playground and many other facilities to enjoy, and in the winter, there are gorgeous, romantic illuminations to enjoy as well. There is also the Fruit Orchestra, a huge fruit-themed playground with plenty of equipment for kids to play on. Fruit harvest and strawberry picking courses are also available (please inquiries).
费用 Fruit park entry fee: adults 700 yen, elementary/junior high 350 yen, toddlers free.
营业时间 9:00-18:00 (depends on the season)
定休日 Open every day during season (temporary closings).
电话 053-428-5211
邮编 431-2102
地址 Shizuoka, Hamamatsu, Kita, Miyakodacho 4263-1
最近车站 Fruit Park Station
从车站出发线路 From Tenryu Hamanako RailwaysFruit Park Station -- 8 minute walk.
自驾游线路 Shin-Tomei Expressway Hamamatsu Service Area (Smart Interchange) via Prefectural Road 68 5km/8 minutes.

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