Jinguji Orchard

  • 樱桃
  • 葡萄
  • 蓝莓
  • 金针菇
农园名 Jinguji Orchard
农园信息 From early to late summer, all-you-can-eat cherry picking can be enjoyed at this facility. Why not enjoy snacking on juicy cherries as you stroll through the grounds? In the market, you can also purchase soft serve ice cream and fresh baked breads - those go very well with fresh fruits too. The harvest period: May-June sansai (edible wild plants, including koshiyabura, daranome, bracken, and wild fern growing over 2 hectares); mid-June to mid-July for cherries; early July to early August for blueberries; early September to early October for grapes (shine muscat, Fujinori, Kyoho and other types); mid-September to mid-October for chestnuts; and early October to mid-November for mushrooms (including shiitake, maitake, nameko, and other types). There is also a dog run on the premises.
费用 Depends on the season/conditions (Example: Entry fee: cherry picking 1 hour 1500 yen, blueberry picking 1 hour 1000 yen,****Depending on crop weight: sansai plants 1kg 2000 yen, grape picking 1kg from 1000 yen, chestnuts 1kg 1000 yen, mushrooms 1kg from 1000 yen).
营业时间 8:00-17:00
定休日 Open every day during season.
电话 0187-87-1266
邮编 019-1701
地址 Akita, Daisen, Jinguji, Fukushima 48-1
最近车站 Jinguji Station
从车站出发线路 From JR Jinguji Station -- 15 minute walk.
自驾游线路 Akita Expressway Omagari Interchange via National Route 13 7km/10 minutes.

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