Awajima Fruit Farm

  • 无花果
  • 桔子
  • 番薯
  • 草莓
  • 葡萄
  • 蓝莓
农园名 Awajima Fruit Farm
农园信息 With spring strawberries leading the way, you can enjoy seasonal fruits all year long here, including summer blueberries and autumn grapes. From early July to mid-September you can pick blueberries, figs from mid-August to mid-October, and grapes from late June to late October.
费用 Depends on the season/conditions.
营业时间 9:00-17:00 (cafe), 9:00-15:00 (picking)
定休日 Open every day during season.
电话 0799-85-2696
邮编 656-1523
地址 Hyogo, Awaji, Kamigawai 173
最近车站 Maiko Station
从车站出发线路 From JR Maiko Station -- Highway bus, 30 minutes by bus, bus stop: Tsuna-Ichinomiya Interchange, shuttle bus available (confirmation required), or 5 minutes by car.
自驾游线路 Kobe-Awaji-Naruto Expressway Tsunaichinomiya Interchange via Prefectural Road 66 2km/5 minutes.

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