Fairy’s Forest Cottage Laulu

  • 金针菇
农园名 Fairy's Forest Cottage Laulu
农园信息 This spot is where about 10,000 raw wood cultivations of nameko mushrooms can be found - the taste of which are said to be identical to those of wildly grown nameko. Visit here to enjoy the fun of the harvest in a picnic-like atmosphere. Reservations are required. In order to make harvesting easier, plastic gloves and packs are provided plus helpful staff will guide you along the way as well. As the mushrooms are cultivated naturally, there are cases when they cannot be harvested or are not yet available, so confirmation of conditions in advance is strongly encouraged.
费用 Free entry, depends on the facility/conditions.
营业时间 Depends on the facility/conditions.
定休日 Open every day during season (closed from November-March).
电话 0186-76-2107
邮编 018-4511
地址 Akita, Kita-Akita, Moriyoshi, Moriyoshi Kogen area
最近车站 Ani Maeda Station
从车站出发线路 From Akita Nairiku lineAni Maeda Station -- 25 minutes by car.
自驾游线路 Akita Expressway Gojome-Hachirogata Interchange via National Route 285 80km/1 hour, 30 minutes.

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