Ishimaki Tourist Farm

  • 柿子
  • 桔子
农园名 Ishimaki Tourist Farm
农园信息 At this farm, visitors can enjoy picking seven types of Japanese persimmons - from the sweet Jiro persimmons to the Fuyu, Isahaya and Yoho varieties, as well as mikan orange picking. Being cultivated naturally, the persimmons are large and have a strong flavor. Visitors can choose from several plans that include all-you-can-eat persimmons and mikan oranges, as well as a fruit souvenir to take home.
费用 All-You-Can-Eat Persimmons Plan 1,360 yen (includes souvenir), All-You-Can=eat Mikan Oranges Plan 1,000 yen (includes souvenir)
营业时间 9:00 - 16:00 Fruit Picking Season: Persimmons Early October - Late November, Mikan Oranges Mid-October - Late November
定休日 Open every day in October and November
电话 0532-88-3890
邮编 441-1102
地址 Aichi Prefecture, Toyohashi City, Ishimaki, Nishikawa-cho Mukaiyama 5
最近车站 JR Toyokawa Station
从车站出发线路 10 minutes by car from JR Toyokawa Station
自驾游线路 10 minutes by car from the Toyokawa IC
Wi-Fi Not Available
Credit card Not Available
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