Apple Hill Sightseeing Apple Orchard

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Farm Name Apple Hill Sightseeing Apple Orchard
Farm Information Apple Hill Sightseeing Apple Orchard in Namioka Apple Hill Rest Area is in Namioka, Aomori Prefecture. There are around 50 varieties of apples planted in this 1.2-hectare plot. The apple picking season is from mid-September to early November. In winter, the stunning contrast between green and white from the snow piles around the trees allows visitors to enjoy the landscape.
Admission Fee Apple picking: 500 yen for adults (4 packs), 350 yen for elementary school-age children and younger (3 packs)
Hours 10:00—15:00 with guides starting each hour except for 12:00
Closed January 1
Phone Number 0172-62-1170
Postal Code 038-1331
Address Aomori, Aomori, Namioka, Megasawa, Nojiri 2-3
Nearest Station JR Namioka Station
Access from the Station 7 min. by taxi or bus
Access by Car 8 min. from Tohoku Expressway Namioka Interchange
Wi-Fi Available
Credit card Accepted
Language support Simple English and interpretation services via phone

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  • 2018 ●Apple picking:1 September ~ 11 November