Aguri no Sato Oirase Strawberry Farm

  • Strawberries
Farm Name Aguri no Sato Oirase Strawberry Farm
Farm Information Enjoy strawberry-picking all year long at this farm. Inside the open greenhouse, visitors can try the Tochi Otome and Beni Hoppe varieties, in addition to the Suzu Akane strawberry in the summer and fall. We highly recommend the bright red, aroma-filled strawberries that ripen from around February to June. There are also many fun spots on the farm, including a restaurant, market, foot bath, and an area where visitors can see animals.
Admission Fee All-You-Can-Eat (30 min.): adult - 1,500 yen, child - 1,000 yen, age 2 and under - free
Hours 10:30-15:00
Closed Year-end Holidays (12/30-1/3)
Phone Number 0178-56-2884
Postal Code 039-2152
Address Aomori, Kamikita, Oirase, Mukaiyama Higashi, 2-2-1684
Nearest Station Aomori Railway Misawa Station
Access from the Station 10 min. via taxi
Access by Car Misawa-Towada-Shimoda Interchange via Prefectural Road 8, 7 minutes
Wi-Fi Available
Credit card Not available
Language support Basic conversational English

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  • Reservation is not possible because it is outside the period