Nagawa Agriculture Tourist Information Center

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  • Grapes
  • Japanese Pears
  • Strawberries
Farm Name Nagawa Agriculture Tourist Information Center
Farm Information The many orchards and farms in Aomori Prefecture's town of Nanbu are very well-known. Visitors can enjoy the orchards here year-round, with spring cherry blossom viewing, cherry picking in early summer, and peach picking in later summer. In the fall there is grape, prune, and apple picking, and in the winter visitors can prune trees and pick strawberries. The farmers of the Tassha Village Agriculture Promotion Committee welcome guests warmly. *Visitors who come to the Nagawa Agriculture Tourist Information Center can receive directions to the orchard. If needed, a committee member can guide you to the orchard personally.
Admission Fee . Pear-picking (60 min.): adult 700 yen, child 400 yen / Grape-picking (60 min.): adult 700 yen, child 400 yen / Apple picking (60 min.): adult 500 yen, child 400 yen. (Adults: middle school age and up, children: age 3 to elementary age) *A separate fee is required for taking fruit home with you.
Hours 8:15-17:00 - Fruit Picking: Pears - 8/23-10/9, Grapes - 9/19-10/9, Apples - 9/13-11/15
Closed December-March
Phone Number 0178-76-3020
Postal Code 039-0501
Address Aomori, Sannohe, Nanbu, Kaminakui, Ohshibutamiyama 23-2
Nearest Station Suwanotaira Station
Access from the Station 7 min. by train
Access by Car Around 20 min. (13.3 km) by car from Hachinohe Expressway Nango Interchange via Prefectural Road 42
Wi-Fi Not available
Credit card Not available
Language support Basic conversational English

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  • 2018 ●Grape picking :21 September ~ 15 October ●Apple picking :29 September ~ 15 November