Farm Name Chiba Farm
Farm Information This is a strawberry farm in southern Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture. Chiba Farm produces the large, sweet and flavorful Yayoi Hime strawberries, which have a satisfying texture, and Sachinoka strawberries, which are known for their balanced sweetness and acidity. There is no time limit for strawberry picking here, so visitors can leisurely enjoy being at the farm.
Admission Fee Mid-March to late May (Strawberry Picking): Adults - 1,300 yen, Elementary school age - 1,100 yen, age 3 years to pre-schoolers 800 yen, age 2 and under free. *All-you-can-eat with no time limit
Hours 10:00-15:00 (last entry at 14:30). *The farm will close depending on the availability of red strawberries.
Closed No holidays during the strawberry picking season.
Phone Number 090-6854-4569
Postal Code 029-0202
Address Iwate, Ichinoseki, Kawasaki, Usuginu, Shimomaki 93
Nearest Station Ofunato Line Rikuchu-Kanzaki Station
Access from the Station 15 min. by taxi
Access by Car 40 min. via Ichinoseki Interchange
Wi-Fi Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable
Language support Japanese only

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Booking request

  • Reservation is not possible because it is outside the period