Juzen-ji Shiitake no Sato

  • Mushrooms
Farm Name Juzen-ji Shiitake no Sato
Farm Information Anytime of the year, you can enjoy picking mushrooms that have been grown on eco-friendly timber cultivation systems. Their easy shiitake mushroom barbecue set (1620 yen) is quite popular, and comes with grilled shiitake mushrooms, yakitori (grilled chicken skewers), vegetables, rice balls, miso soup, and more.
Admission Fee Shiitake mushroom picking:1080 yen, 300g take-out.
Hours 9:30-15:00
Closed Wednesdays.
Phone Number 0558-72-8484
Postal Code 410-2403
Address Shizuoka, Izu, Toshigawa 785-1
Nearest Station Shuzenji Station
Access from the Station From Izu-Hakone Railways Shuzenji Station -- Tokai bus for Itou, 15 minutes by bus, bus stop:Toshikawa, 10 minute walk.
Access by Car Tomei Expressway Numazu Interchange via National Route 136 30km/1 hour.

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