Ema Strawberry Picking Center

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Farm Name Ema Strawberry Picking Center
Farm Information With 140 greenhouses, this is the largest scale farm in Shizuoka prefecture. Here you will find Shizuoka's original brand of strawberries, the akihime, which grow so large and so juicy here you won't be able to eat them in just one bite. You won't get tired of the taste of these sweet strawberries as you enjoy them to the fullest until your time limit is reached, (other than akihime, there are also benihoppe strawberries, but visitors cannot choose which kind to pick). For visitors coming up until mid-March, it is also possible to pick edible rape blossoms for free (this ends when there are none left, may not be picked in bad weather conditions).
Admission Fee 30 minutes all-you-can-eat: (ages 3 and up) mid-December-January 3rd: 1800 yen, January 4th-February 28th: 1600 yen, March: 1400 yen, April: 1200 yen, early May: 1000 yen.
Hours 9:00-16:00
Closed Closed irregularly.
Phone Number 055-948-1115
Postal Code 410-2223
Address Shizuoka, Izunokuni, Kitaema 563-7
Nearest Station Nirayama Station
Access from the Station From Izu-Hakone Railways Nirayama Station -- 9 minutes by car.
Access by Car Tomei Expressway Numazu Interchange via Izu-Jukan Expressway, Izu-Chuo Expressway 15km/20 minutes.

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