Kobe City Sweet Potato Harvest

  • Sweet Potatoes
Farm Name Kobe City Sweet Potato Harvest
Farm Information You can enjoy sweet potato digging at 10 different places in the Nishi and Kita wards of Kobe city. For details regarding the opening of the farm, field conditions, transportation, etc, please check the official website of the Kobe City Horticultural Tourism Association, or feel free to inquire about the details at each farm. Reservations are required at all facilities except for Kandekita and Kosokuno.
Admission Fee 3 trees for 700 yen (for adults and children).
Hours 9:00-17:00 (Depends on the facility, inquire in advance)
Closed Open every day during season (closed from November-August, depends on conditions, please inquire).
Phone Number 078-961-2650
Postal Code
Address Hyogo, Kobe, Nishi (Oshibedani, Kande), Kita (Yamada, Osawa, Nagao, Ogo)
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