Kobe City Grape Picking

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Farm Name Kobe City Grape Picking
Farm Information Berry A grapes and many other varieties are available at these vineyards. Lunches may be brought into the grounds. Please visit the official website of the Kobe City Horticultural Tourism Association for details
Admission Fee Unlimited time all-you-can-eat: adults 1000 yen, children (age 4-elementary students) 700 yen.
Hours 9:00-17:00 (reception to 16:00)
Closed Open every day during season (closed from October-August, depends on conditions, please inquire).
Phone Number 078-961-2650
Postal Code 651-2401
Address Hyogo, Kobe, Nishi, Iwaokacho, Daidohoshi, Kandecho, Higashi 1148
Nearest Station Okubo Station(Hyogo)
Access from the Station From JR Okubo Station -- 15 minutes by bus, bus stop:Kamishinchi, 10 minute walk(shuttle bus available, reserve in advance) (Iwaoka).
Access by Car Daini Shinmei Road Okubo Interchange via Prefectural Road 148 1.5km/5 minutes.

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