Mori Kyoho Grape Vineyard

  • Grapes
Farm Name Mori Kyoho Grape Vineyard
Farm Information Found at the base of the Nishisonogi Peninsula, this 10,000 square meter vineyard is the largest of its kind in Nishisonogi. Their specialty are their juicy Kyoho grapes, which are sold at 1kg for 1200 yen.
Admission Fee Free entry, picked crops sold 1kg from 1200 yen and up.
Hours 9:00-17:00
Closed Open every day during season.
Phone Number 095-882-2865
Postal Code
Address Nagasaki, Togitsu, Nishitogitsugo 390
Nearest Station Nagayo Station
Access from the Station From JR Nagayo Station -- 20 minutes by car.
Access by Car Nagasaki By-pass Kawahira Interchange via National Route 206 8km/20 minutes.

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