• Apples
  • Japanese Pears
Farm Name Kyorakuen
Farm Information A fruit orchard where apples and pears are grown. Apples are available from the end of October through to the middle of November, akie, Fuji and other varieties can be harvested here, priced at three for 750 yen. From the beginning of October to the beginning of November, atago, niitaka and other pear varieties can be harvested at 600 yen per kilogram. At the café within the grounds, you can eat apple pie made with fruit grown directly on the farm for 420 yen.
Admission Fee Free entry, take-out pears 1kg for 600 yen.
Hours 10:00-17:00
Closed Tuesdays.
Phone Number 0967-42-0785
Postal Code 869-2401
Address Kumamoto, Minamioguni, Akababa 137
Nearest Station Aso Station(Kumamoto)
Access from the Station From JR Aso Station -- Kyushu Kotsu bus for Oguni via Tsuetate Onsen, 1 hour by bus, bus stop: Minami Ogunimachi Yakubamae, 5 minute walk.
Access by Car Oita Expressway Hita Interchange via National Route 212 38km/50 minutes.

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