Taneda Fruit Farm

  • Grapes
  • Japanese Pears
Farm Name Taneda Fruit Farm
Farm Information Located near the Kobayashi Interchange, the drive features excellent views including the cosmos gardens of Ikuma Kougen and the Ebino plateau. There are lots of tasty markets and natural phenomena to enjoy in the area. Operates between the end of August and the end of November.
Admission Fee Depends on the season/conditions.
Hours 9:00-18:00
Closed Open every day during season (depends on weather).
Phone Number 0984-22-6655
Postal Code 886-0005
Address Miyazaki, Kobayashi, Minaminishikata, Ikoma 7680
Nearest Station Kobayashi Station (Miyazaki)
Access from the Station From JR Kobayashi Station -- Miyazaki Kotsu bus for for Ebino Kogen, 15 minutes by bus, bus stop: Minamigaoka, within sight.
Access by Car Miyazaki Expressway Kobayashi Interchange via Prefectural Road 1 1.6km/3 minutes.

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