Isa Blueberry Farm

  • Blueberries
Farm Name Isa Blueberry Farm
Farm Information A lush blueberry farm located in the heart of nature. Homemade blueberry jam, vinegar, tea, liqueur and even blueberry tea are sold here. You can even enjoy Mongolian barbecue within the berry greenhouses.
Admission Fee Entry fee: adults 300 yen, children 150 yen (sampling included). Take-out only 100g for 200 yen.
Hours 9:00-18:00 (Picking tours term July-August)
Closed Closed irregularly.
Phone Number 0995-22-0313
Postal Code 895-2631
Address Kagoshima, Isa, Okuchikogihara 955
Nearest Station Shin-Minamata Station
Access from the Station From Hisatsu Orange RailwaysShin-Minamata Station -- 40 minutes by car.
Access by Car Kyushu Expressway Hitoyoshi Interchange via National Route 267 30 minutes.

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