Misaka Farm Grape House

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  • Peaches

At this fruit farm you can enjoy the amazing sight of peach blossoms and the vivid yellow rape flowers.

During the summer, five different types of peaches grow here, while in the summer to fall, 20 varieties of grapes can be harvested. By keeping the height of the vines quite low, the size of the grapes produced here is increased, making each and every one very juicy and full of flavor.

One of Misaka Farm Grape House’s most unique points is that here you can enjoy an unlimited, all-you-can-eat peach and grape picking course! You can enjoy looking at and tasting the fruits to your heart’s content here without having to worry about any time limits. Not only that, but other than for tour groups, you don’t need to make a reservation to pick fruit, meaning that you can drop by whenever you want during the season.

There are also plenty of hands-on courses to take part in here too! For example, you can learn to make wine, jams, fruit parfaits, decorative pancakes, and much more. Their most popular event is their wine making course. This is a unique course where you not only get to sample and choose your own grapes, you can also make your own original labels for your wine. Participants are also given a sample of last year’s wine as a souvenir too. Here you can enjoy other sides to fruit that you can’t experience just by eating them (advance reservations required).

There is also a restaurant here, where you can sit indoors and enjoy Yamanashi’s regional cuisine known as houtou, which features flat udon noodles and vegetables stewed in a rich miso broth. Or, if you would rather eat outdoors and savor the natural landscape around you, there is also a garden where you can have a barbecue, so feel free to choose which suits your mood best.

English support is available to an extent, and there is free wi-fi within the grounds. Other than for the fruit picking course, credit cards are available as well. You can not only purchase fruits here, but also some special Yamanashi sweets and other gourmet souvenirs too.
Wi-fi: Yes
Other Languages: Gestures and Simple English
Credit Cards: Other than for fruit picking, yes (JCB, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Union Pay)
Access: 10 minute drive or 15 minute bus ride from Isawa-Onsen Station

Farm Name Misaka Farm Grape House
Farm Information At this fruit farm, visitors can enjoy peach blossoms and rapeseed blossoms in spring. There are 5 different types of peaches and 20 kinds of grapes cultivated here and ready to enjoy from summer to fall. One of the many charms of this fruit farm is that visitors can enjoy all-you-can-eat peaches and grapes for an unlimited time.In addition, there are many fun experience courses available here, including wine, jam, fruit parfait and 'deco pancake' making lessons.
Admission Fee Depends on the season and conditions
Hours 8:30-16:30 (depends on the season)
Closed Open all year Please inquire about fruit picking seasons.
Phone Number 055-263-3111
Postal Code 406-0804
Address Yamanashi, Fuefuki, Misakacho, Natsumehara 656-1
Nearest Station Isawa-Onsen Station
Access from the Station 10 minutes by car, 15 minutes by bus fromIsawa-Onsen Station
Access by Car 5 minutes from Ichino Miyamisaka Interchange
Wi-Fi Accepted
Credit card Other than for fruit picking fees (takes JCB, Visa, Master Card, American Express)
Language support Can communicate through gestures and Simple English.

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