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Ojimanoen is located in Moka City, Tochigi Prefecture. No matter when you visit during the season they do their absolute best to have the most delicious strawberries available, through a continual process of trial and error during cultivation every year. Here you will find two popular varieties of strawberry available: Tochigi prefecture’s representative berry, the sweet tochiotome, and the tochihime, a strawberry that is only produced in one place in the entire prefecture and not found in stores. Ojimanoen also has a 30-minute all-you-can-eat tochiotome strawberry picking experience as well.

“I’m doing my absolute best to grow wonderful strawberries, because I like to hear the customers say ‘wow, they’re so sweet!’ when they try the berries,” says Mr. Ojima, from the farm.

Just as he says, the cultivation methods used at Ojimanoen revolves around trial and error; at present, techniques involving microbes and enzymes are being used to bring about strawberries with the best flavor possible. As a result, strawberry plants with stronger roots have been made here, which means that the plants can give a lot of nutrients to the berries, which in turn results in berries with a richer, sweeter taste. Normally, strawberries that are grown after their peak season of January to February in Japan tend to have a weaker flavor overall, but here you can enjoy delicious berries even after the month of March.

Although it is best if those coming for the picking experience have a Japanese speaker along with them, correspondence in English is not a problem.

About a 15-minute drive from here will bring you to two of Moka city’s top sightseeing spots: Omae Ebisu Shrine, home of the tallest statue of the god Ebisu (20m tall) in Japan, and to SL Kyu-Roku, a steam train museum where you can ride in an authentic locomotive on weekends.

Farm Name Ojimanoen
Farm Information Ojimanoen is a farm in Moka City, Tochigi Prefecture. The farm cultivates flavorful tochiotome strawberries, as well as the exclusive tochihirame strawberries. The farm grows its strawberries with environmentally-friendly fertilizers and few chemicals.
Admission Fee Strawberry Picking
January - adults 1,600 yen, children 1,100 yen
February - adults 1,600 yen, children 1,100 yen
March - adults 1,400 yen, children 1,000 yen
April - adults 1,400 yen, children 1,000 yen
May - June - adults 1,400 yen, children 1,000 yen
Pre-picked strawberries and gifts are sold separately.
Hours 10:00 - 15:00
Closed Mondays (open if the Monday is a public holiday, closed on the following Tuesday)
Phone Number 080-7124-1515
Postal Code 321-4517
Address Tochigi, Moka, Abeshina 240-1
Nearest Station Kugeta Station
Access from the Station 6-minute taxi ride from Kugeta Station
Access by Car 20-minute drive from the exit of theKita-Kanto ExpresswaySakuragawa Interchange
Wi-Fi Not available
Credit card Not available
Language support English

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