JA Ashikaga Agri-land

  • Strawberries

JA Ashikaga Agri-land is the only strawberry farm in Ashikaga city. It is located right next to the Ashikaga Flower Park, a famous sightseeing spot known for its wisteria trellis, and has become popular as one of Ashikaga’s sightseeing spots as well.

Here you will find Tochigi prefecture’s famous sweet and juicy tochiotome strawberries being cultivated, with this farm focusing its efforts on producing the strongest and sweetest berries possible while minimizing the use of pesticides. Their goal is to produce the tastiest and safest strawberries around. Their all-you-can-eat strawberry picking course is also 30 minutes long, and can be enjoyed without a reservation, meaning you can drop by anytime to taste their delicious strawberries!

JA Ashikaga Agri-land also welcomes visitors to Japan. In fact, the number of visitors coming here from abroad has been increasing year by year, and thanks to word of mouth, it seems that at their peak nearly 80% of their customers came from overseas. Throughout the grounds there are signs in both English and Chinese to help guide you along. Many of their visitors have commented that: “This is my first time eating such a sweet strawberry. You can’t find anything like it back home!”

It is only about a ten minute walk from the farm to Ashikaga Flower Park. In addition to being able to enjoy seasonal flowers throughout the year here, many people visit Ashikaga Flower Park from mid-April to mid-May to see the massive wisteria trellis in bloom. During the Garden of Lights illuminations that take place from late-October, visitors can enjoy fantastic scenery based on a yearly theme and flowers, which is also incredibly popular.
If you would like to enjoy the unique combination of amazing flowers and Japanese strawberries, by all means please pay a visit to JA Ashikaga Agri-land.

Farm Name JA Ashikaga Agri-land
Farm Information The only strawberry farm in Ashikaga city, this farm is right next door to the famous wisteria spot, the Ashikaga Flower Park. Why not spend the day enjoying the bounty of nature here in Ashikaga?
Admission Fee Depends on the season
Hours early December-late May 10:00-16:00 (depends on the conditions)
Closed Mondays (open if a national holiday)
Phone Number 0284-91-0005
Postal Code 326-0012
Address Tochigi, Ashikaga, Okubocho 362
Nearest Station Tomita Station
Access from the Station 10 minute drive from Tomita Station
Access by Car 20 minute drive fromTohoku ExpresswaySano Fujioka Interchange
Wi-Fi Not available
Credit card Not available
Language support English and Chinese instructions available.

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