Hakusan Orchards

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There are 26 different varieties of cherries cultivated at Hakusan Orchards. While you may be surprised at just how many types of cherries there are, you are sure to be shocked to learn that the majority of them are premium kinds not even available on the market. This is an amazing orchard where you just might be able to find a kind of cherry that you’ve never tasted before.

While you can of course purchase cherries directly here, one of the biggest draws of this orchard is its 40 minute all-you-can-eat cherry picking experience, where you can choose from 10 different types of cherries to pick! Being able to make a variety pack selection that features different flavors and appearances is another of fine point of this course.

From the pleasantly sour Takasago, to the Seikonishiki that can only be found at this orchard, to the most popular type, the sweet Satonishiki, visitors are encouraged to sample the different cherries and find the one that best suits their palate. No reservations are required to take part in this experience, so you will not find yourself having to struggle amid crowds of people to enjoy it. You can leisurely enjoy your harvesting session here.

You can also enjoy the stunning natural surroundings here too. Hakusan Orchards has a dirt floor hearth and storehouse rest area where you can leisurely relax as you take in both the traditional Japanese style of the facilities and the views of the fields and natural landscape around you. They also have mugicha (wheat tea) available here.

Although there are not many tourists visiting this area just yet, visitors from abroad are more than welcome here too. Both guidance in the park and correspondence over the phone may be done in English. It is their hope that even first time fruit pickers will feel right at home visiting their orchard.

Easily accessed, Hakusan Orchards is only a 15 minute walk from Enzan Station on the JR Chuo line, on weekdays it is possible for the staff to pick up you up and drop you off at the station by car as well. Cherry picking takes place from the end of May through to the later part of June, which is a rather narrow window of time, but interested parties should be sure not to miss out!
Wifi: None
Credit Cards: None

Farm Name Hakusan Orchards
Farm Information 26 types of cherries are cultivated at Hakusan Garden, which is an incredible amount, and even more surprising when visitors learn that many of these varieties aren't available in stores. This is the ideal place to go if you would like to try some truly unique cherries.
Admission Fee 2000 yen(4-6 years old 1000 yen, under 3 free)/40 minute all-you-can-eat cherries
Hours 8:00-16:00
Closed Open all season (generally from mid-June on; please inquire for details)
Phone Number 0553-33-3859
Postal Code 404-0024
Address Yamanashi, Koshu,Enzan Shimohagihara1916
Nearest Station Enzan Station (Chuo Line)
Access from the Station 15 minute walk from Enzan Station
Access by Car 7km from Katsunuma Interchange
Wi-Fi Not available
Credit card Not available
Language support English

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