Uchida Fruit Farm

  • Grapes
  • Peaches

Uchida Fruit Farm is a 15 minute walk away from Katsunuma-Budokyo Station in Yamanashi prefecture. In addition to the peaches that can be had here come the summer, from mid-August onward through the fall, you can also enjoy grapes and persimmons, and even wine and dried persimmons produced by the farm too. There are 20 different kinds of grapes cultivated here, including the standard Delaware and Kyoho types, as well as those of the large Pione, sweet Queen Nina, and even the brand name Shine muscat varieties. They are especially proud of their cultivations of Shine muscat. White grapes, unlike their red counterparts, are not known for their sweetness, but those grown at the Uchida Fruit Farm are all said to be delicious!

As for their peaches, there are 20 kinds of white peaches and five types of red peaches cultivated here. You can take part in both peach and grape harvesting courses, and purchase fruit by weight at this farm too. Apart from the harvest experience, there is also an all-you-can-eat picking course for 40 minutes, so if you want to eat the fruits you have picked to your heart’s content, this is the best plan for you.

And, you can purchase homemade wine here as well. Made using Adirondac grapes, which have been cultivated in Yamanashi for many years, this wine has a mellow aroma to it, and there are some wine fans that anxiously await its production every year. The wine produced from the Shine muscats has the refreshingly mild sweetness of the grapes to it, and is a very rare, but delicious wine that is also exceptionally popular every year.

Nearly all of the products sold here are homemade, which means that these delicious items can’t be found anywhere else!

Pamphlets are available in English, Chinese, and Korean, and English support is available on site.
Wi-fi: None
Other Languages: English
Credit Cards: None
Access: 15 minute walk from Katsunuma-Budokyo Station

Farm Name Uchida Fruit Farm
Farm Information Not only can you enjoy peaches in summer and grapes from mid-August to fall, but persimmons are also grown in the orchard. Wine and dried persimmons are produced and sold here too.
Admission Fee Depends on the conditions
Hours 8:00-18:00
Closed Open all season (mid-June to mid-December)
Phone Number 0553-44-5533
Postal Code 409-1303
Address Yamanashi, Koshu, Katsunuma, Osade 2279
Nearest Station Katsunuma-Budokyo Station
Access from the Station 15 minute walk from Katsunuma-Budokyo Station
Access by Car 10 minute drive from Katsunuma Interchange
Wi-Fi Not available
Credit card Not available
Language support English, pamphlets in Chinese and Korean available as well.

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