Fruits Farm Hagihara

  • Cherries
  • Grapes
  • Peaches
  • Persimmons

Fruits Farm Hagihara is located on elevated grounds overlooking the Kofu Basin near Mount Fuji and Yamanashi prefecture. This sightseeing orchard and vineyard is where you can enjoy harvesting cherries, peaches, grapes, and even dried persimmons.

By using BM Activated Water, which itself is made from natural minerals and bacteria, the produce made at this farm has undergone extensive cultivation through trial and error with agricultural chemicals. This has lead to fruits that are truly naturally delicious.

Fruit picking can be enjoyed here from late spring through the fall; the month of June for cherries, from the start of July to the start of August for peaches, and from the beginning of August to mid-September for grapes. Each all-you-can-eat picking course lasts for 40 minutes! You can also enjoy sitting and eating your grapes and peaches on the terrace or in the cafe as well. These are covered fields as well, so you can enjoy fruit picking even on rainy days.

And, another of the charms of this spot is the amazing view that you can enjoy from Fruits Farm Hagihara. The terrace within the grounds commands a magnificent view of Mount Fuji, which you can enjoy to your heart’s content when visiting. It would be nice to have a drink as you gaze out at the sight… Please come, forget your troubles, and take your time viewing this Japanese World Heritage Site. You can also take a break and relax at Yamakiya Cafe, a cafe onsite built in a repurposed 100 year old Japanese home.

There are many visitors that come here every year because they “just can’t forget how good these fresh fruits taste”. There are also many travelers from overseas that stop by, and as such, there are English explanations available for the fruit picking courses. Plus, wi-fi is also available inside the farm.

In the vicinity, visitors can also enjoy the amazing views of Mount Fuji and the Kofu Basin, as well as incredible nightscapes of this area, as they luxuriate in a hot spring at Hottarakashi Onsen, or while visiting historical Eishouin Temple, a Buddhist temple which first opened in the year 1504.

WiFi: Available
Credit Cards: Not accepted
Access from Station: a difficult walk
For Visitors: there are pamphlets explaining how to harvest grapes available, and other points can be discussed in Simple English only.

Farm Name Fruits Farm Hagihara
Farm Information From late May to late June, visitors can pick sato nishiki and many other varieties of cherries at this orchard. From July, peaches are available, and grapes, including Pione and Rossario types, can be picked from mid-August. With Mt. Fuji right before your eyes and overlooking the Kofu Basin, this is a stunning place to enjoy seasonal fruits and beautiful natural landscapes.
Admission Fee Depends on the season and conditions
Hours 9:00-17:00
Closed Open all season (depends on growth conditions), business suspended from October 1st-late May
Phone Number 0553-23-0133
Postal Code 405-0033
Address Yamanashi, Yamanashishi,Ochiai 1337
Nearest Station Yamanashishi Station
Access from the Station 10 minutes by car from JRYamanashishi Station
Access by Car Prefectural Route 303 via Chuo Expressway Katsunuma Interchange 11km/20 minutes
Wi-Fi Accepted
Credit card Not available
Language support English instructions for fruit picking available. Simple English everywhere else.

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