Senka Orchard

  • Grapes
  • Peaches

This vineyard is located in Katsunuma, in Koshu city, Yamanashi prefecture. Here you will find over 60 varieties of grapes being raised as carefully as though they were the owner’s children. Seto Giants, a type of grape with squared fruit, little sourness and flavorful skins, as well as the Fujiminori, a very large grape even bigger than the Kyoho, are just two of the unusual kinds of grapes you can find and enjoy to your heart’s content here.

Grape picking can be enjoyed here from July to October; you can pick several different varieties of grapes during this fun one hour all-you-can-eat course.

And, from late June to late September, you can also pick peaches here. This all-you-can-eat course also lasts for one hour, and there are seven different types of peaches to choose from. You can also directly purchase both grapes and peaches here, which make excellent souvenirs as well. If you would like to take part in either, please make a reservation in advance.

Since you’ve come all the way to Yamanashi prefecture, while at Senka Orchard you should also stop by the restaurant, Ganko Oyaji no Teuchi Hoto, where you can enjoy homemade hoto, the popular regional stewed udon noodle and vegetable dish. This hoto specialty shop, run by the farm owner, features springy udon noodles, fastidiously flavored miso broth, and 100% homegrown vegetables. Although it first started a place just for visitors to the garden to relax, it soon became their goal to win recognition as having the most delicious hoto in all of Yamanashi prefecture! Now, even during the off season for fruit picking, many people come here just for the hoto alone, it is that popular with visitors.

Senka Orchard is also a great place for tourists, as there is English assistance available, and free wi-fi on site.
Wi-fi: Yes
Other Languages: English
Credit Cards: None
Access: 30 minute walk from Katsunuma-Budokyo Station

Farm Name Senka Orchard
Farm Information Thisvineyard located in Katsunuma city, Yamanashi prefecture, prides itself on cultivating about 60 different varieties of grapes with care. And, from late June until late September, peaches can be harvested here as well; there are seven kinds to choose from. Both peaches and grapes are also available for purchase, and make excellent souvenirs of your visit.
Admission Fee Depends on the type of fruit
Hours mid-July-late October 8:30-17:00
Closed Open all season
Phone Number 0553-44-0632
Postal Code 409-1316
Address Yamanashi, Koshu, Katsunuma, Katsunuma 761
Nearest Station Katsunuma-Budokyo Station
Access from the Station 10 minutes by car from Katsunuma-Budokyo Station
Access by Car 5 minutes from Katsunuma Interchange
Wi-Fi Accepted
Credit card Not available
Language support English

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