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Even among Fukuoka prefecture’s numerous name brand strawberries, Amaou strawberries are highly popular. The name Amaou comes from four words that aptly describe the Amaou brand; akai (red), marui (round), okii (large) and umai (delicious). Located in Fukuoka prefecture’s Okimachi, White Berry Farm is known for its specialization in the production of Amaou strawberries.
This farm is called White Berry, but be careful not to get confused by the name. For a set price and time limit you can eat as many strawberries as you like at the farm, but they are of the red Amaou variety only.

At White Berry Farm they believe that their current cultivation method, one that has allowed them to create the brand’s signature sweetness, is the result of many years of ongoing research.
“Even small size Amaou strawberries are sweet and delicious!” Though Amaou brand strawberries have an image of being quite large, farm spokesperson Mr. Yamaura says that he’s delighted when he hears customers make comments like the one above.

Though the farm’s greenhouse is large, many people visit on Saturdays and Sundays, so they recommend dropping by on a weekday. Rather than cultivating many different varieties of strawberries, the farm specializes in the Amaou variety only. However, they put what they’ve learned to good use and experiment with various ideas, such as shifting the planting season for strawberry seedlings to a different time of the year. The end result is that compared to other farms, customers can enjoy a longer strawberry picking season.

After trying Amaou strawberries at the local supermarkets in Fukuoka, many people who have moved here from the Kansai and Kanto areas often comment, ”The sweetness of these strawberries is different!”
Apparently customers get hooked on Amaou strawberries after just their first bite, and many become repeat customers who ask to have them delivered fresh to their door every year. However, the most delicious way to sample this special taste is right off the vine, so by all means please come to White Berry Farm for a visit and indulge in their ichigo gari, or all-you-can-eat strawberries.

White Berry Farm is popular among visitors to Japan as well, so if you decide to make a visit please make a reservation ahead of time via their homepage. It’s quite far from the nearest station, so they recommend taking a taxi. An added bonus during the trip from the station to the farm,
is Japan’s beautiful pastoral landscape.

Farm Name White Berry Farm
Farm Information White Berry is a sightseeing farm that specializes in Fukuoka’s own brand of strawberries, the amao. Thanks to their long history and in depth study of cultivation, they are able to provide strawberries with a longer picking season that most other farms. Their amao strawberries are very popular, and said to have a sweetness to them that is different from others on the market. This farm is very popular and crowded on the weekends, so they recommend visiting on a weekday instead.
Admission Fee All-you-can-eat strawberries for 40 minutes (the cost per person depends on the time of the year).
Hours 9:00-17:00
Closed Closed on Mondays
Phone Number 0944-32-1200
Postal Code 830-0422
Address Fukuoka, Mizuma, Okimachi, Takahashi 425
Nearest Station Hacchomuta Station (Nishitetsu Tenjin Omuta Line)
Access from the Station On foot it’s 60 minutes from the station, so we recommend taking a taxi (7minutes).
Access by Car 15 minutes by car if you take the Miyama Yanagawa Interchange on the Kyushu Expressway
Wi-Fi Not available
Credit card Not accepted
Language support Japanese only

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