Nakano Fruit Farm

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Nakano Fruit Farm, which has been producing grapes in the Tanushimaru district for over 50 years, is the most popular fruit park in all of Fukuoka prefecture. The first farm head of Nakano Fruit Farm was the first to begin cultivating the Kyoho type of grapes in this area as well.

Including their trial cultivars, there are over 40 different types of grapes cultivated at this vineyard.

When out grape picking, visitors can choose from more than 15 different varieties of black, red, green and multi-colored grapes – many of which you might be seeing for the very first time! This is the perfect place for grape aficionados to visit. Plus, compared to other vineyards, here you can pick Kyoho grapes earlier than anywhere else; the Kyoho grapes are ready to be picked starting in late June.

While it goes without saying that these grapes are delicious, they are also conscientiously raised: no hormones to limit seed growth or colorant additives are used in the cultivation of these grapes, which makes them completely safe for children to enjoy.

Plus, in recent years, a strawberry farm has been added to Nakano Fruit Farm thanks to the increase in the number of people wanting to enjoy strawberry picking for themselves in Fukuoka. In particular, guests enjoy picking their own amaou strawberries, which are Fukuoka’s prefectural brand, as well as toyonoka and benihoppe strawberries. These are part of a 30 minute, all-you-can-eat course. In fact, in order to accommodate the number of people wanting to pick strawberries, more greenhouses have actually been added here.

These strawberries are also grown using organic soil and primarily organic fertilizers, which means that visitors can taste the natural sweetness of the strawberries safely. Although the strawberries are soil-cultivated, they are grown in such a manner that the strawberries themselves do not touch the ground directly, which makes them safe to eat straight off the vine.

Since Nakano Fruit Farm is a long walk from the nearest train station, they also offer a free shuttle service to and from the station, for those that have made a reservation by phone or email in advance. Please give them a call when you arrive at Tanushimaru Station.

Please come visit Nakano Fruit Farm and enjoy picking your own strawberries, grapes, and persimmons in a safe, cozy, family farm atmosphere.

Farm Name Nakano Fruit Farm
Farm Information Nakano Fruit Farm, located in the Tanushimaru district, is the most popular grape cultivation area in Fukuoka prefecture. Over 15 different varieties of grapes can be enjoyed during their grape picking program, including many that visitors may have never seen before. These grapes are safely and conscientiously cultivated without the use of any hormone additives, which makes them safe for children to enjoy too.
Admission Fee Strawberry picking for 30 minutes 1500 yen (in January it costs 2000 yen), grapes 1kg sold by weight for 1200-3000 yen (depends on season), persimmons 1kg sold by weight for 400-800 yen (depends on size)
Hours 8: 00-18: 00
Closed August 13th-15th; December 28th, 31st-January 2nd
Phone Number 0943-72-2967
Postal Code 839-1212
Address Fukuoka, Kurume, Tanushimarumachi, Ishikaki 339-1
Nearest Station Tanushimaru Station
Access from the Station 25 minute walk from Tanushimaru Station
Access by Car 15 minute drive from Asakura Interchange on the Oita Expressway
Wi-Fi Not available
Credit card Not available
Language support Not available

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