A Cornucopia of High-Class Fruits! The Secret to the Delicious Parfaits at Takano Fruits Parlour

Takano Fruits Parlour Is Where You Can Enjoy Japanese Fruit to Your Heart’s Content

The Shinjuku Takano store has a reputation for selling high-class fruits. Its excellent Japan-grown fruits are a given, but the store also sells original items featuring fruits, such as cakes, sweets and bread. At Takano Fruits Parlour, operated by Shinjuku Takano, you can savor parfaits loaded with fruits which boast the Takano name. Every day, the Fruits Parlour – located inside Shinjuku Takano’s main branch in Shinjuku – is packed with plenty of tourists, and enjoys a thriving business. This article will introduce you to Takano Fruits Parlour, which we hope you’ll check out when you visit Shinjuku Takano.

Takano Fruits Parlour is on the fifth floor of Shinjuku Takano’s main branch. The menu has a wide selection on offer, from seasonal fruit parfaits and desserts to sliced fruits and fruit sandwiches. You’ll be happy to know that you can enjoy the flavors of Shinjuku Takano’s carefully-selected fruits to your heart’s content. Let’s get right into it, and take a look at recommended menu items!

The Most Popular Item is the Loaded Fruit Deluxe Parfait!

This parfait, laden with plenty of fruits, is the Parlour’s top seller. There is a wide variety of toppings, from garden-variety fruits to seasonal fruits.

We recommend these two menu standards, which can be eaten year-round.

The first is the Shizuoka-Farmed Musk Melon Parfait (2160 yen with tax), which uses plenty of pieces from the musk melons that Shinjuku Takano is so proud of.

Naturally the melon is juicy and sweet, and the homemade melon sherbet and vanilla ice cream are exquisite. The sherbet is made from melon juice frozen as-is, so you can taste concentrated melon deliciousness. With this parfait, you can enjoy the mellow aroma and taste of melon to your heart’s content.

The second is the Fruits Parfait (1404 yen with tax).

Savor twelve different kinds of fruits and seasonal sherbet with this extravagant parfait. It’s quite rare to see a parfait that comes with this many fruit toppings to eat in one go. Trying to decide which fruit to eat next is part of the fun.

Each parfait is topped with a mildly sweet, smooth cream that accents the deliciousness of the fruits. With Shinjuku Takano’s parfaits, the fruits are the stars of the show! By all means, we’d love for you to try one of these masterpieces for yourself.

Other Options Include Japanese-Style Cream Anmitsu Sweets and Banana Chocolate Parfaits!

Other items on the standard menu include the Banana Chocolate Parfait (1080 yen with tax), where you can enjoy the harmony of banana and chocolate, Pudding Ala Mode (1188 yen with tax), which features homemade vanilla-flavored pudding topped with fruits and ice cream, and the Cream Anmitsu (1188 yen with tax), a spin on the classic Japanese sweet that tops gelatin with soft serve ice cream, coarse red bean paste and pieces of fruit.

We recommend ordering from the standard menu, then getting extra orders of the sliced fruits you want to try.

Discover the True Appeal of Fruits! The Seasonal Menu Lineup

In addition to its standard menu, Takano Fruits Parlour has a menu that is crucial to its success: the lineup of items featuring seasonal fruits. Actually, more than half of the menu offerings are seasonal. Buyers carefully select the most delicious fruits that are in season, then items that pair with those fruits are devised by Takano Fruits Parlour. Parfaits, cakes, dessert plates… each gorgeous fruit seems to be saying, “Look at me!” You’ll feel a little thrill even before you dig in.

There are also sandwiches and weekday-only course menus featuring fruits for you to enjoy.

Unlimited Fruits, Food and Desserts at the Fruits Bar

Located next to the Takano Fruits Parlour, the Fruits Bar offers a buffet with various dishes and a new menu every month, along with fruits.

The menu offerings change monthly, but you can eat as much as you like of soup, pasta, grilled meat, salad, bread, fruits, cakes, drinks and more.

Generally, at lunchtime you will find sandwiches and omelets, dessert time features various sweet treats, and dinner time will have omelets, pizzas, grilled meats and other extravagances! Some items, like omelets, will be prepared at your table, so you can savor a special experience.

The Fruits Bar is 2700 yen (with tax) per person, and has a 90-minute limit, so you can take your time and enjoy it.


During dinner time on weekdays, there are also party plans and all-you-can-drink plans, which require a reservation no later than the day before (phone: 03-5368-5147, Japanese only).
At Takano Fruits Parlour and Bar, you can get your fill of the high-quality fruits grown in Japan. From the menu of sliced fruits, parfaits, cakes, and more, find something that fits the season and your own tastes, and enjoy the flavor of Japanese fruits.

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