Dynamic Fruits: A Company Changing the Fruits Distribution System

Consumers wish to eat sweet, delicious fruits at a reasonable price. Dynamic Fruits is a company thriving to make that wish come true.
The company sells fruits to a wide variety of customers, from general consumers to corporations. Its profile has been growing constantly over the last couple of years, as they distribute scrumptious, moderately-priced fruits.

Ms. Hara Shiori is a buyer for Dynamic Fruits, based at the Ota Market in Tokyo. She also handles the online sales of domestic fruits, so we asked her about the company.

How Dynamic Fruits Delivers the Products to its Customers

Ms. Hara participates in the bidding at the market, which starts at 7 a.m. every day, and tastes the products. She purchases about one pallet (a one-meter square box) of the scrumptious and moderately priced fruits. How does Dynamic Fruits deliver these products at a reasonable price?

“We don’t own a store, so there is no need to pay the rent or the staff, which enables us to lower our prices.”

The fruits are packed at the Dynamic Fruits distribution center inside Ota Market, and sent to the various customers.

“We look for the ‘outlet store’ type of fruits from the top-class places of production. Even though the place of origin and the taste may be the same, a fruit that looks better sells well. For instance, a price of a melon may drop 1000 yen if it looks slightly damaged on the outside. This is the case even if that melon tastes good.

Fruits are divided into three categories by its looks, and the high-class fruit shops handles the best of the best, so they tend to be expensive.

But some people care more about the taste, rather than its looks. Our company has the same criterion, so we can set our prices at a moderate level.”

The products sold at the high-class fruit shops and department stores in Japan are selected according to its looks. If the color or the size of a product doesn’t reach a certain standard, it will be rejected.

Dynamic Fruits selects its products according to its taste, which results in reducing the number of wasted products.

The “Fruits Master ®” Delivery System

The “Fruits Master ®” is one of the services provided by Dynamic Fruits, and the number of its users is growing rapidly.

An assortment of five to eight fruits will be delivered to the household every month, with the price varying from 4980 yen to 9980 yen per month, without tax. This is about half the price of a high-class fruit shop, and since the package will be sent straight from the market, its freshness is guaranteed.

The most popular assortment is the “Gorgeous and Extravagant Package,” an assortment of six to eight fruits including high-class fruits such as a muskmelon from Shizuoka Prefecture, or a fully ripened mango from Miyazaki Prefecture.

“The decorated package is very popular,” said Ms. Hara.

This service is currently available only in Japan, but the company is planning to extend their distribution to Asian regions such as Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

Before long, sweet Japanese fruits may be sent to overseas.

The Unique Fruits Delivery System by Dynamic Fruits

Dynamic Fruits has another service called “Fruits at the Office ®.”

An assortment of fruits is delivered to the offices of various companies (including IT firms and foreign-owned enterprises), who are keen on keeping their employees healthy.

In some companies, the level of satisfaction among the employees have risen, and the business results have also grown. ”Fruits at the Office ®” is supporting the business with fruits.
Dynamic Fruits also runs “Healthy Fruits Market,” a direct sales program at retirement homes, and “Fruits for Kids,” delivering fruits to after-school childcare centers, while setting up booths at events.

The company is trying to reach out to the consumers, and promote dietary education.

”Come and Taste the Best Fruits in the World”

“I believe Japanese fruits are the best in the world,” said Ms. Hara. She added what makes them special.
“Japanese farmers are passionate, and spares no time or effort when it comes to growing delicious fruits.

For instance, Claude Blanchet, a pear of French origin, is not currently grown in France, due to the effort required and changes in climate. But Japanese farmers grow them, even though it takes time and effort.
In Japan, you can also taste different fruits every season. Please visit, and try them.”

Ms. Hara says that the positive feedback from the customers makes her happy, so she is always at the Ota Market, to participate in the bidding.
There is a guided tour of the market, so it might be fun to check the seasonal fruits.

<Ota Market>
Address: Tokyo, Ota, Tokai 2-1
Telephone: +81-3-3790-8301
Business Hours: Open 24 hours. The bidding starts at 7:00 a.m.
Close:  Every Sunday, Wednesday  irregularly
Wi-Fi: Non
Get on the Toei Bus (from JR Shinagawa Station) or the Keikyu Bus (from JR Omori Station or Keikyu Heiwajima Station), bound for “Ota Shijo,” and get off at “Ota Shijo” bus stop.

<Dynamic Fruits>
Official Site: http://d-fruits.com/ (Japanese)
The Fruits Master Delivery ® Site: http://www.kudamono-tatsujin.com/ (Japanese)
Fruits at the Office ®: http://d-fruits.com/office/ (Japanese)
Healthy Fruits Market: https://www.kudamono-hanbaikai.com/ (Japanese)