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Every year many people visit Migita Orchard in Fukuoka prefecture for the persimmon picking season. Migita Orchard is located in Kurume city’s Tanushimaru-cho, home to a thriving fruit growing industry.

Entry to Migita Orchard is free, and here visitors can enjoy picking five different varieties of persimmon during the harvest period that runs from September until December. The degree of firmness and the taste differs among persimmon varieties, so we recommend sampling them first, before deciding which ones to pick. The fruit is sold by weight (800 yen and up for one kilogram), so be sure to only pick the amount you’d like to take home with you. You can also taste just-picked persimmons at the farm’s rest spot.

Mr. Migita, the farm’s owner, wanted to create a farm where people could drop in not just during the persimmon season, but at other times as well. So he’s opened up his farm to allow a wide variety of events to be held here on the premises, including barbecues and even wedding receptions. Taking hints from his own personal travel experiences, Migita-san has also tried to make his farm a place that’s comfortable for travelers to drop in, by providing Wi-Fi access, benches for resting and so on.

With an aim to making his farm even more enjoyable for visitors, Migita-san is constantly experimenting with new ideas, and he’s already started cultivation of blueberries and peaches as well. We’ve been told that his desire to develop the farm is an ongoing process that will continue well into the future. So definitely make a visit to the ever improving Migita Orchard, and experience just how much fun fruit picking can be.

From the nearest station we suggest taking a taxi here, but because there are other farms and numerous wineries nearby, coming by rental car is another option that will allow you to enjoy the surrounding area as well!

Farm Name Migita Orchard
Farm Information Located in the fruit growing area of Tanushimaru-cho, Migita Orchard has been cultivating persimmons for some ninety years, and has a sixty year history as a tourist farm. From September until December, you can enjoy picking five different varieties of persimmons. With Wi-Fi access and guided tours in English (conversational level English), visitors to Japan can also drop in freely without any worries.
Admission Fee 800 yen and up for one kilogram (price depends on the fruit variety)
Hours 9:00-17:00
Closed Open every day during the harvest season, from September to December
Phone Number 0943-72-2729
Postal Code 839-1214
Address Fukuoka, Kurume city, Tanushimaru-cho, Chitoku 3024
Nearest Station JR Tanushimaru Station (JR Kyudai Main Line)
Access from the Station 15 minutes by taxi from JR Tanushimaru Station
Access by Car 20 minutes via Oita Expressway Amagi Interchange
Wi-Fi Available
Credit card Not accepted
Language support English

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  • 2019
    Persimmon Picking Soshu-kaki (From Sep 22nd to Oct 10th)
    Persimmon Picking Taishu-kaki (From Oct 10th to Nov 13th)
    Persimmon Picking Fuyu-kaki (From Oct 20th to Dec 4th)