Takiguchi Sightseeing Orchard

  • Apples
  • Cherries
  • Peaches

Takiguchi Sightseeing Orchard, located along Route 48, and just ten minutes by car from Higashine Station in Yamagata prefecture, is a farm known for its safe and tasty fruits. They do not use any herbicides and rely on organic fertilizers only.

Here you can taste eight different kinds of fruits, including cherries, peaches, and apples. Takiguchi Sightseeing Orchard are especially known for their cherries, which are a Yamagata specialty, and also have benishuho, satoishiki, benisayaka, nanyo, kokanishiki, gassan nishiki, and many other cultivars as well.

At Takiguchi Sightseeing Orchard, they have devised various different cultivation methods in order to produce truly delicious cherries. One trick is that they thin out their fruits to less than half of the standard amount. By doing so, each tree can produce cherries that are larger and sweeter than normal.

They also prune their trees, keeping cherry trees that would normally grow to 3-5 meters tall down at about 2 meters instead. Although this decreases the amount of cherries that each tree can grow, it makes it possible to harvest cherries that have been drenched in sunshine without having to use a step ladder.

There are also greenhouse cultivated cherries that you can enjoy picking nearly 3 months earlier than the regular season, from early May to mid-July, at Takiguchi Sightseeing Orchard. Orchard-based cherries are available from early to mid-July. The price for cherry picking varies by variety harvested, costing 1600-3000 yen for 60 minutes of picking.

Before visiting the farm, make sure to email them first with the date and time of your intended visit so they can ensure that you “enjoy the freshest and tastiest seasonal fruits possible”.

In addition to cherries, you can also enjoy peach picking from August to early September, grape picking from August to early September, and apple picking from September to November.

Please visit Takiguchi Sightseeing Orchard to taste safe, ripe, and delicious fruits.

Farm Name Takiguchi Sightseeing Orchard
Farm Information Takiguchi Sightseeing Orchard, located 10 minutes by car from Higashine Station in Yamagata prefecture is a farm that grows safe and delicious fruits. Eight types of fruits including peaches and apples are available; the farmers particularly recommend cherry picking here. Cherry picking costs 1600-3000 yen for 60 minutes.
Admission Fee Cherry pickings (60 minutes) 1600 - 3000 yen. The fee varies depending on the type of fruit.
Hours 8:00-16:00 Reception (closes at 17:00)
Closed Irregular holidays
Phone Number 0237-44-2881
Postal Code 999-3723
Address Yamagata, Higashine, Kannonji 2134-8
Nearest Station JR Sakuranbo Higashine Station
Access from the Station 10 minute drive from Sakuranbo Higashine Station
Access by Car 40 minute drive from Sendai Miyagi Interchange, 20 minute drive from Higashine Interchange, or 20 minute drive from Yamagata Airport
Wi-Fi Not available
Credit card AMEX, DINERS, MASTER, VISA (only for purchases over 3,000 yen)
Language support Simple English

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