Gaburi Garden

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  • Peaches
  • Strawberries

Fukushima prefecture’s Aizuwakamatsu city, famous for its nationally designated historical sites Tsuruga Castle and Oyakuen Garden, a Japanese garden beloved by the lord of Aizu, is where you will find Gaburi Garden, a sightseeing orchard visited by numerous tourists each year.

Gaburi Garden’s most popular fruit, the peach, is available to harvest from late July to early September. There are two courses, all-you-can-eat or peach picking, available at the farm; both last for 30 minutes and cost 1080 yen for adults, 864 yen for elementary school students, 540 yen for toddlers (ages 3-elementary school), and free for children under 3 years old.

Peach skins contain pectin, which is said to help with relieving summer related fatigue, and have fine fuzz to them that can easily be rubbed away before eating.

Gaburi Garden practices mineral cultivation, which involves growing its plants in soil that has been mixed with powdered shellfish. As a result of the mixture, the sugar content of the fruit is significantly higher, and overall sweeter tasting fruits can be grown. Thanks to this effort, visitors can enjoy greater tasting fruits every year.

At Gaburi Garden, you can also have barbecues from mid-July to early November, and outdoor roasting parties from late August to early November as well.

Why not come and enjoy fruits raised with sincerity and devotion at Gaburi Garden?

Farm Name Gaburi Garden
Farm Information Gaburi Garden in Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima prefecture, is an orchard that grows both safe and tasty fruit. 7 types of fruit, including apples and peaches, are cultivated here, but the peach picking course is highly recommended. It costs only 1080 yen per adult for 30 minutes of picking.
Admission Fee Peach picking for 30 minutes adults 1080 yen, elementary school students 864 yen, toddlers (age 3-elem. school) 料金 Peach picking for 30 minutes adults 1080 yen, elementary school students 864 yen, toddlers (age 3-elem. school) 540 yen, and free for kids under 3 years old
Hours 9:00-16:00
Closed Irregular
Phone Number 0242-29-4177
Postal Code 969-6183
Address Fukushima, Aizuwakamatsu,Kita-aizumachi, Kamiyonezuka 1251 ** Garden location varies by season/timing.
Nearest Station JR Aizu-Hongo Station
Access from the Station -
Access by Car -
Wi-Fi None
Credit card Not available
Language support Simple English

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