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Welcome to the largest berry farm in Kanto Region (80,000m2), located close to Tokyo.

The farm’s original purpose was producing taro (Colocasia esculenta), however, one strong desire to make fruits and deliver them to their customers all around the year, inspired them to change their field of expertise and try cultivating blueberries, thus making the farm into a berry-producing one.

They have tried out and cultivated hundreds of different blueberry brands over the years, and narrowed it down to 10 most delicious brands that can be cultivated in the surrounding area.
Fresh blueberries can be savored right away, or raw, as well. The skin is nutritious, and the customers can enjoy the freshness oozing out with each bite through the firm, elastic skin of the beads.

The grape-picking is 1500 yen (with tax) for adults and children over 6 years old, 1000 yen (with tax) for children over 4 years old, and free of charge (without souvenirs) for children of 3 and under. As there is a possibility to damage the sheets spread around the park, it is forbidden to enter it in shoes with thin heels. Also, bear in mind that there is no roof in the fields, so during the rainy weather, it is recommended to wear raincoats, as umbrellas might also damage the fruits.

But, blueberries aren’t the only fruit cultivated with care and devotion at this farm – they also put much effort into cultivating strawberries. In order to make sure their customers will get only the most delicious strawberries of the Akihime brand, equally big, sweet and nutritious in each corner of each piece, they go even beyond the usual devotion while cultivating it – by changing the temperature in the cultivating houses every few hours, adjusting the light distribution to the fruit, the thinning process, and similar.

The abundance of sunlight during the cultivation process results in abundance in the number of strawberries. By implementing the technique of thinning more often than usual, they get big and sweet Akihime strawberries, each equally nutritious and delicious.

The strawberry-picking fee is 2000 yen (after tax) for adults and children over 6, 1500 yen (after tax) for children over 3 years old, and 500 yen (after tax) for children of 1 to 2 years old. The picking tour lasts only until there are strawberries to pick still left, so we suggest taking part in this interesting activity in the earlier hours of the working day.

Furthermore, for only 100 yen, you can also partake in the picking of juicy and large shiitake mushrooms. The customers have the opportunity to purchase the mushrooms they picked for only 200 yen (with tax) per 100 grams.

At Sayama Berryland, they deliver only the products they can vouch for, so rest assured while savoring the most luscious and healthy of all the fruits.

The Official Webpage of Sayama Berryland:

Farm Name Sayama Berryland
Farm Information Spread across this 50,000 square meter site are about 50 kinds of blueberries, strawberries and shiitake mushrooms, a total of about 20,000 plants. Blueberry picking is available from mid-June to late August. There are wide aisles in this facility, enabling those in wheelchairs to pick blueberries as well. Strawberry picking is from mid-December to late May.
Admission Fee Depends on the season/conditions.
Hours 10:00-16:00 (last entry at 15:30), June-September to 16:30
Closed Depends on conditions, please inquire.
Phone Number 04-2958-8000
Postal Code 350-1312
Address Saitama, Sayama, Horigane 1262-5
Nearest Station Shin-Sayama Station
Access from the Station From Seibu Railways Shin-Sayama Station -- bus for Shinsayama Heights, 15 minutes by bus, bus stop: Shinsayama Heights, 8 minute walk.
Access by Car Kan-Etsu Expressway Kawagoe Interchange via National Route 16 8km/20 minutes.

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