An Amazing Texture! Tohoku Grapes – Peak Season And Feature

Tohoku Area, Northern Japan: A Grape Producing Region

Japanese grapes are known for their burst open kind of texture, and a wonderful sweet and sour taste.

In Japan’s northern region of Tohoku, grapes are grown in various areas including Yamagata prefecture and Fukushima prefecture. The region has cool temperatures, and the contrast between the daytime and nighttime temperatures is suitable for grape production.

Many Varieties Reach Their Peak of Ripeness in August and September

Japanese grapes are harvested at different times depending on their variety, but generally speaking, they are picked during the July to December period.

For the majority of the grape varieties, the peak shipping time is during August and September.

Popular Varieties: Large Kyoho Grapes and Aromatic Shine Muscat Grapes

There are countless varieties of grapes, and particularly popular Japanese varieties are the blackish-colored Kyoho grapes, the green Shine Muscat grapes, and the reddish-purple Delaware grapes.

Kyoho grapes, a variety with a blackish skin, are large in size and the flesh is juicy. Their attractive feature is the rich sweetness and refreshing sweet-sour taste that’s perfectly balanced, which is why it’s sometimes called the ‘King of Grapes.’ They are ripe during August and September.

With a green color and a cool and refreshing appearance, the Shine Muscat variety has a high natural sugar content and low acidity.

When you bite into one, the gorgeous aroma spreads throughout your mouth. There are almost no seeds in the fruit, and the grape skin is edible.

Shine Muscat grapes reach their peak during August and September, but can be harvested from July until December.

The Delaware variety have a reddish-purple skin, and though they are relatively small in size, they are characterized by their juiciness and high natural sugar content.

The fruit contains no seeds which makes them easy to eat. In Japan, they are a very popular brand.

They are in season during July and August.

The Key to a Grape’s Delicious Taste: Bloom

In the case of black-colored and red-colored grapes, dark colored ones are recommended, and with green grapes, ones with a slight yellow color are best.

While talking about color, let’s also look at how plump the grapes are.

When the outer skin of the grape is covered with a powdery-white coating (referred to as bloom), this is an indication that the fruit is fresh. This bloom serves an important function by preventing moisture loss in the grape (hence giving the grape its fresh, plump appearance), and protecting it from bacteria.

Let’s Taste and Compare the Various Kinds of Grapes!

Biting into a fresh grape is something really special, isn’t it? In Japan’s Tohoku region various kinds of grapes are produced, so we recommend tasting and comparing them on one of the many tourist farms.

Also, during specific times of the year, there are tourist farms with all-you-can-eat (tabehodai) options, and special plans where you can purchase freshly picked grapes sold by weight.