Crunchy And Addictively Delicious! Fall Fruit – Exquisite Tohoku Pears

Enjoy Japanese and European Pears in Tohoku

The round Japanese Pear and the angular European Pear are both produced in Japan.

The Japanese variety has a juicy sweetness and a crisp texture. In contrast, the European Pear has a deliciously creamy and sweet flavor.

There are many farms and orchards where you can indulge in these exquisite pears in the fertile, well-irrigated land in Tohoku. The Japanese Pear is grown in every region, with the prefectures of Miyagi and Fukushima leading cultivation. On the other hand, the European Pear is grown in Yamagata Prefecture, with the LaFrance variety being particularly famous.

August-September is Tohoku’s Pear Season

Pears are picked around from July to October. The pear season varies by type but is usually during August and September.

Popular Kosui and Hosui Pears and the Exquisite LeFrance Pear

In Tohoku, a wide variety of pears are produced, from the brown Kosui and Hosui Japanese Pears to the high-quality LeFrance Pear.

Image From: Tohoku no Yamaoyaji / PIXTA
The incredibly popular Kosui variety makes up around 40% of Japan’s pear market. The inside of the fruit has the right amount of sweetness and acidity. The picking season is from late July to September, with August being the best season to enjoy them.

Compared to the Kosui, the flesh of the Hosui Pear is sweet, velvety, and juicy. They are harvest between August and October. September is when they are best enjoyed.

In contrast, the LeFrance Pear has a mild flesh and mellow aroma. The harvest season is around October, and the pears ripen 2 to 3 weeks after they are picked. Due to this, you cannot eat freshly-picked LeFrance Pears. However, in Tohoku, there are several farms where you can try delicious LeFrance Pear desserts, like parfaits!

Weight Determines Taste!

We suggest choosing pears that are heavy.

We recommend choosing slightly reddish pears for the brown Kosui and Hosui types. For LeFrance, yellowed skin pears will be sweeter. Be sure to check the bottom of the fruit to check the color as well.

Fall Pear Picking in Tohoku!

At orchards and farms in Tohoku you can enjoy pear picking of both Japanese and European varieties. Enjoy the calming autumn breeze while getting a taste of Tohoku’s tasy pears!