Large, Sweet, And Juicy! Tohoku Strawberries And How To Pick The Best Ones

Pick Strawberries in Northern Japan!

Large in size, juicy, and sweet. Strawberries grown and cultivated in Japan’s northern region of Tohoku are some of the most delicious strawberries in the world. Strawberry farms are located throughout the area, so visitors can enjoy picking this fruit themselves in every prefecture in Tohoku. Enjoying half an hour or one hour of picking strawberries is the perfect activity and is sure to create lasting memories.

Enjoy Year-Round Strawberry Picking

Many farms in Tohoku offer strawberry picking from January to May. However, some farms also cultivate a summer and fall strawberry, offering visitors a chance to enjoy picking this delicious fruit all year long.

Popular Varieties at Farms in Tohoku

Strawberries started being grown in Japan over 100 years ago. Farmers throughout the country have continously tried to cultivate exquisite strawberries.

Out of all the different types of delicious strawberries, Tohoku produces the popular Tochi Otome, Beni Hoppe, Akihime, and Mo-ikko varieties.

The Tochi Otome strawberry, popular in eastern Japan, has a nice sweetness and acidity. It is in season from November to June.

The vivid red Beni Hoppe variety is a large strawberry known for its perfect balance of sweetness and sourness. Its season is from January to June.

Akihime strawberries are long and conical in shape. They are particularly soft and contain a lot of juice. They are harvested from December through May.

The Mo-ikko variety is originally from Tohoku in Miyagi Prefecture. It features a delicious blend of sugariness and tartness and has a nice texture. These strawberries are in season from January through April.

Many farms in Tohoku allow visitors to taste these different types of strawberries. Find the strawberry you like the best!

Look at the Leaves and Stem! Picking the Best Strawberries

When picking strawberries, look for ones with a shine and a uniform color. The best-tasting strawberries will be covered in seeds and have a green stem and leaves.

When eating strawberries, start from the top of the strawberry after removing the stem and leaves. The top and bottom of the strawberry contain the most sugar, so starting from the top allows you to enjoy the sweetness the entire time.

Strawberry Products from Tohoku’s Farms Make the Perfect Souvenir

Strawberry desserts, snacks, and even wine, can be bought at many farms in Tohoku. After having fun strawberry picking, be sure to browse for gifts and souvenirs.