Oregon Farm & Winery

  • Strawberries
Farm Name Oregon Farm & Winery
Farm Information Many visitors have enjoyed strawberry picking at Oregon Farm & Winery since it began in 2014. One reason is the ideal cultivation environment here. Strong winds blow through the Chita Peninsula between winter and spring, and there are few clouds. Due to this, there is plenty of stable sunlight. Oregon Farm produces mostly Akihime, a sweet strawberry with little acidity. Strawberries that receive more sunlight are sweeter than normal and are delicious. There are discount services available only at Oregon Farm while you enjoy strawberry picking. Come by and visit!
Admission Fee 1-hour All-You-Can-Eat: 2,000 yen for middle school age and up, 1,700 for age 3 to elementary school age
Hours mid-December to the end of May: 9:00-16:00
Closed No fixed holidays
Phone Number 0569-89-2613
Postal Code 479-0857
Address Aichi, Tokoname, Enokidouma Shinden 213
Nearest Station Meitetsu Tokoname Line Kabaike Station
Access from the Station 15 min. walk
Access by Car 7 min. via Tokoname Interchange
Wi-Fi Unavailable
Credit card Not accepted
Language support English conversational level

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