Kawagoe Strawberry Field Sujino

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Sujino is one of Kawagoe’s largest strawberry farms in Saitama Prefecture.

We strongly recommend visiting in the morning while there are still enough strawberries to pick.

Despite their limited English, the owners of the farm—the Sujinos—use gestures to offer explanations or answer questions in a way that is easily understandable.

After you pay the entrance fee, you will change your shoes into the sandals provided by the farm. A briefing on the strawberry farm is followed by an all-you-can-eat period of 30 minutes. If you like condensed milk, you can purchase a bottle separately for 200 yen. You’re also welcome to bring your own ingredients to taste test with the strawberries.

At the farm’s store, you will find packaged strawberries, as well as jams and sorbet made entirely from Sujino’s strawberries. The jams and sorbets do not need to be refrigerated, making them ideal gifts for family and friends.

Farm Name Kawagoe Strawberry Field Sujino
Farm Information Located near Kawagoe’s landmark, Kawagoe Castle, the farm is owned and operated by the Sujinos. The farm has two hothouses: one in the store and the other for strawberry picking. The farm employs an elevated solution culture method to grow their strawberries, where seeds are planted one meter off the ground. Since the berries can be picked standing up, all visitors, from children to the elderly, can enjoy the experience. The wide paths also provide enough room for wheelchairs. Kawagoe Strawberry Field Sujino grows the following four varieties of strawberries: Beni Hoppe, Akihime, Kaorino, and Yayoi Hime. To ensure the highest quality of strawberries, the farm takes time and care to grow their fruit.
Admission Fee 30-minute all-you-can-eat style: (Farm opening - end of February) Elementary school and above: 2,000 yen; 3 years old - Preschool: 1,300 yen; 1 - 2 years old: 200 yen; (March 1 - May 10) Elementary school and above: 1,800 yen; 3 years old - Preschool: 1,100 yen; 1 - 2 years old: 200 yen; (May 1 - Farm closing) Elementary school and above: 1,400 yen; 3 years old - Preschool: 900 yen; 1 - 2 years old: 200 yen; *The pricing above is reflective of spring 2019. Prices are subject to change for winter 2019 - spring 2020.
Hours Early January - Mid-May: 10:00 - 16:00 (final admission) *First come first serve. Admission ends when strawberries run out.
Closed Every Monday during the season. When a national holiday lands on a Monday, the following weekday is taken off. *Depending on the strawberries’ growth conditions, a temporary holiday may be taken. Please check the website for up-to-date hours.
Phone Number 090-4619-0039
Postal Code 350-0857
Address Saitama, Kawagoe, Matsugojyoukamachi 680‐1
Nearest Station Kawagoe Station (JR, Tobu Lines) and Hon-Kawagoe Station (Seibu Shinjuku Line)
Access from the Station From Kawagoe Station: Take the Kawagoe CO-EDO Loop Bus, get off at Aguresshu Kawagoe Bus Stop and walk 3 minutes. From Hon-Kawagoe Station: Take the Kawagoe CO-EDO Loop Bus, get off at Aguresshu Kawagoe Bus Stop and walk 3 minutes.
Access by Car 30 minutes from Kawagoe Interchange, Kan-Etsu Expressway
Wi-Fi Not available
Credit card Not supported; PayPay and Alipay will be accepted starting winter 2019
Language support Basic English

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