• Strawberries

@FARM is a sightseeing farm that opened in 2017, where visitors can enjoy strawberry picking.

One of the strawberries harvested here is a variety called Tochiotome, a rare variety to have at a strawberry farm in the Kawagoe area. Tochiotome is known for its pronounced sweetness and rich flavor.

Those wanting to pick strawberries should first go to @FARM FARMER’S MARKET, the store adjacent to the greenhouse.

After paying for the strawberry picking, you will receive a fifteen-minute explanation in the greenhouse, and then go on to enjoy picking strawberries for 30 minutes. The farm lends guests plastic covers for their shoes so that you don’t have to worry about the dirt.

The strawberry beds are around 110cm in height, allowing both adults and children to pick strawberries while standing. Condensed milk to pair with the strawberries you’ve picked is provided for free.

Farm Name @FARM
Farm Information @FARM is a sightseeing farm in Kawagoe, a city popular for sightseeing in Saitama Prefecture for its traditional Edo-era streets. Using the latest ICT technology, which provides automatic data management for sunlight, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and enzyme fertilizers, the farm grows delicious, healthy produce with almost no use of pesticides. Strawberry picking can be enjoyed between January to early May. You can purchase produce grown on the farm, such as tomatoes and melons, along with farm-fresh vegetables delivered from neighboring farmers at their direct sales store. A café area is also attached to the building. You can enjoy dishes like pizza and pasta made with vegetables from the farm. Strawberry picking is reservation-only and requires either an online reservation made two days in advance or a phone reservation made the day before at the latest. Please note that same-day reservations are not possible.
Admission Fee 30 Minutes All You Can Eat Adults (junior high school and older): 2000 yen Elementary students (4th – 6th grade): 1600 yen Children (4 years old – 3rd grade): 1000 yen 0 – 3 years old: free Elders (70 years old and up): 500 yen; Adults (junior high school and older): 2200 yen Elementary students (4th – 6th grade): 1800 yen Children (4 years old – 3rd grade): 1200 yen 0 – 3 years old: free; age 70 years and up: 700 yen * Amount is listed before tax.
Hours January 3 – early May; Weekdays (Tue – Fri) during the season in two sessions Session 1: 11:00 - Session 2: 14:00 - Weekends and Holidays Session 1: 9:30 - Session 2: 11:00 - Session 3: 13:00 - Session 4: 14:30 - * The above information is based on the farm’s 2019 business hours. The farm plans to increase the number of sessions in January 2020.
Closed Mondays during the season. If Monday falls on a national holiday, then the farm will close on the following weekday instead.
Phone Number 049-248-8130
Postal Code 350-1151
Address Saitama, Kawagoe, Oaza Imafuku 1043-3
Nearest Station Kawagoe Station (JR/Tobu Tojo Line)
Access from the Station 20 minutes by taxi from the West Exit at Kawagoe Station (JR/Tobu Tojo Line)
Access by Car 10 minutes from the Kan-etsu Expressway Kawagoe IC
Wi-Fi Available in the cafe area
Credit card VISA and Mastercard ccepted
Language support English, Chinese, Vietnamese

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