Imai Farm

  • Japanese Pears

Imai Farm is specialized in growing pears. Pears are in season in Japan from the mid of Aug. until end of Sep.

In addition to pear cultivars such as Hosui and Kosui, the farm also grows a rare pear variety rated in Saitama Prefecture, which is called Saigyoku. Saigyoku pears are much sweeter than the Kosui variety and have a fresh, juicy texture.

Chestnut picking is also available at Imai Farm from the mid of Sep. until the end of Sep. Two varieties of chestnuts, Porotan and Porosuke, are available here. They are very flavorful and their skin is easy to peel.

They also cultivate grape varieties such as the seedless Shine Muscat, which is known for its refreshing sweetness and sourness. Those grapes are available from the 10th Sep. until the end of Sep.

Imai Farm is easily accessible from Tokyo and other nearby cities. There are excellent bus services connecting Imai Farm to several local train stations. You can enjoy picking your favorite fruit at Imai Farm even on a half-day visit.

Farm Name Imai Farm
Farm Information Imai Farm is located near Saitama Stadium 2002, one of the largest soccer stadiums in Japan. The farm originally produced garden plants, vegetables, and rice, but from 2009 began cultivating fruit as well.

Their pears, in particular, are highly praised by the local community and many customers purchase them as gifts.
Until recently, the farm mainly sold its products directly to customers or to local fruit stands. However, from the summer of 2020, Imai will become a tourist farm open to domestic and international visitors.

The farm is family-run by Mr. and Mrs. Imai and their son Kentaro. They are very hospitable persons and will show you how to pick the fruit. They will also give you tips on how to enjoy the flavor of the fruit.

The farm cultivates various types of fruit such as chestnuts, Shine Muscat grapes, and, of course, pears, a specialty of Saitama Prefecture. Even beginners can easily enjoy fruit picking.

After purchasing the fruit you have picked, you can enjoy it on the premises or take it with you.
Admission Fee Fruit picking: Pears - 700 yen/kilogram; Shine Muscat grapes - 2,500 yen/kilogram; Chestnuts - 1,500 yen/kilogram; admission to the farm is free.
Hours Every day from 9:00 to 17:00 (from Mid Aug. until late Sep.) *The harvest period can change slightly depending on climate conditions. With permission taken in advance, it’s also possible to visit the farm outside of the regular business hours.
Closed The farm is open every day during the harvest period. *However, during the Obon holidays (Aug. 13, 14, 15) please confirm the business hours before visiting.
Phone Number 080-1087-9114
Postal Code 336-0977
Address Saitama, Saitama, Midori, Kaminoda 593
Nearest Station Urawa-Misono Station (Saitama Rapid Railway Line/Saitama Stadium Line)
Access from the Station At Urawa-Misono Station (Saitama Rapid Railway Line or Saitama Stadium Line), board a Kokusai Kogyo bus bound for Omiya Station East Exit (Omiya 01 bus). Get off at Sagiyama Kinen Koen bus stop and walk for about four minutes.

At Higashi-Urawa Station (JR Musashino Line), board a Kokusai Kogyo bus bound for Saitama Higashi Eigyosho (Urawa 04-3 bus or Higashi Urawa 81 bus). Get off at Sagiyama Kinen Koen bus stop and walk for about four minutes.

At Omiya Station (JR Line, Tobu Railway Line, Saitama New Urban Transit), board a Kokusai Kogyo bus bound for Saitama Higashi Eigyosho (Omiya 01 bus, Omiya 02 bus, or Omiya 81 bus). Get off at Noda Hoei bus stop and walk for about six minutes.
Access by Car It takes approximately ten minutes from the Urawa Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway.
Wi-Fi Not available
Credit card Not accepted
Language support Japanese only (however, staff members make every effort to communicate with international guests using body language, and cell phone translation apps).

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  • 2020
    Japanese Pear Picking ( From Aug 10th to Sep 25th )
    Grape Picking ( From Sep 10th to Sep 30th )
    Chestnuts picking ( From Sep 10th to Oct 10th )