Sightseeing Farm Akagi Oroshi

  • Grapes
Farm Name Sightseeing Farm Akagi Oroshi
Farm Information Approximately 50 varieties of colorful and unique grapes, including the fan-favorite Shine Muscat, are grown across 2.5 hectares of land. Enjoy the most delicious grapes that are in-season through the hands-on harvesting experience. Visitors will find certified products from Gunma Prefecture’s “Eco-Farmers” and Maebashi City’s “Akagi no Megumi” brand.
Admission Fee Grape picking (late August to mid-October)
Grape picking one bunch: 1,200 yen
Grape picking one bunch, 30-minute all-you-can-eat plate: General 2,600 yen (excluding tax); Elementary school students 2,000 yen; Pre-schoolers are free (no grape picking allowed)
※Reservations are required in advance
※BBQ is currently discontinued.
Hours 10:00 - 17:00 (last entry at 16:00)
Closed No holidays during the grape picking season (late August - mid-October)
Phone Number 027-212-8039
Postal Code 371-0246
Address Gunma, Maebashi, Kashiwagura-machi 909-5
Nearest Station Jomo Electric Railway Ogo Station
Access from the Station 15 minutes via car from Jomo Electric Railway Ogo Station
Access by Car 15 minutes via car from Jomo Electric Railway Ogo Station
Wi-Fi Available
Credit card Accepted
Language support Available

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