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Personal Information Protection Policy

Personal Information Protection Principle

J&J Business Development Corporation (hereafter referred to as ‘this company’) at its core undertakes the management and other business activities of new business planning and development and project implementation, JTB Travel Card administration, acts as an international operations base for JCB’s administrative duties, and manages J&G Group’s projects and investments. Personal information may not only be acquired through business activities with customers, but also personal information may also be obtained regarding the employees of this company (including both specific personal information, this will be hereafter referred to as ‘personal information’), both of which are very important for this company; and as a company, we recognize the vital importance of protecting this information, it is a social and moral obligation of this company to protect this personal information to the best of our abilities.

Accordingly, this company, when obtaining personal information through its various business activities, will abide by the following policy in relation to Personal Information Protection in order to both uphold this company’s moral obligation to protect this personal information and to provide both our customers and employees of this company with peace of mind.


1. Regarding the use and supply of acquired personal information:

・ Personal information will be acquired only through fair and legal practices.
・ Personal information will only be used in the necessary range required in order to achieve a given goal.
・ In the case where personal information will need to be provided to a third party, the person themself will be asked for their consent before any action is taken.
・ Personal information that has been acquired by this company will not be used for any purposes other than the specific goals of the person themself. Furthermore, measures will be taken in order to prevent this from occurring.
・ If a situation arises wherein the personal information is required in order to achieve a new or separate goal, the purpose of its use will once again be examined and applied accordingly.

2. Regarding the laws and ordinances, principles established by the country, and other standards (hereafter referred to as ‘laws and ordinances etc’):

By continually striving for a common knowledge awareness of the laws and ordinances etc regarding the handling of personal information, those employees undertaking projects at this company, (hereafter referred to as ’employees’) will be instructed in proper compliance methodologies.

3. Regarding the safe administration of personal information:

・ A swift system of checks and corrective measures is in place and under constant improvement in order to reduce the risk of and prevent unauthorized access to, disclosure of, destruction of, or loss of personal information.
・ Any violations or incidents that are discovered during enforced inspections will be promptly rectified and any and all weak points will have measures taken against them in order to prevent similar situations arising in the future.
・ All employees must undergo a thorough training program regarding safety and security.

4. Regarding complaint/objection consultations:

With regards to any consultations or discussions concerning any complaints or objections to the handling of personal information, a personal information inquiry point of contact within an organized structure has been established in order to offer in good faith a swift, streamlined response to any and all inquiries.

5. Regarding continuous improvement:

・ With regards to the protection of personal information, the management system at this company, for the sake of protecting personal information, monitors compliance to internal official regulations as well as inspects any violations, incidents, or accidents, as well as, upon detecting any weaknesses, reviews its employees and their actions. By reflecting on the control of this as well as on the internal official regulations, this company will endeavor to continuously improve this company’s personal information management system.
・ This improvement is based on law and ordinances etc, as well as JIS Q 15001.

Enacted on November 25th, 2016
J&J Business Development Corporation
Representative Director and President Masayuki Kawamura