Hachinohe City Nango Agricultural Promotion Association

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ชื่อฟาร์ม Hachinohe City Nango Agricultural Promotion Association
ข้อมูลฟาร์ม This farm, which spans 20,000 square meters, has three different types of apples to pick, including Fuji and ourin types. When visiting, you will be introduced to the best orchard of the day of the 19 registered ones available, where you will be allowed to pick two different types of apples. The severe climate of this area, where temperature differences are drastic, produces apples of exceptional quality.
ค่าเข้าชม Free entry, crops sold at market value.
เวลาทำการ 9:00-16:00
วันหยุด Closed irregularly.
เบอร์โทรศัพท์ 0178-82-2902
ที่อยู่ Aomori, Hachinohe, various places within the Nango area
วิธีการเดินทางมาโดยรถยนต์ Hachinohe Expressway Nango Interchange via Prefectural Road 42 8km/15 minutes.

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