Konno Orchards

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ชื่อฟาร์ม Konno Orchards
ข้อมูลฟาร์ม This amazing sightseeing farm not only is a place where, from June to mid-July you can pick several different varieties of cherries (sato nishiki, takasago, seneca, napoleon, and benishuho included), but also where from mid-August to September you can pick peaches, and apples and grapes in the fall.Not only that, but there is a farmer's market here as well. For special privileges to enter the farm, please inquire. In the area around the peach orchard, there are also many vineyards (grape picking from mid-August to mid-October), and plum trees too. If you are lucky, you will be able to enjoy a variety of different fruits all for the same entrance fee. Please inquire for more details.
ค่าเข้าชม Depends on the season/conditions.
เวลาทำการ 9:00-17:00
วันหยุด Depends on the season/conditions.
เบอร์โทรศัพท์ 023-654-0187
ที่อยู่ Yamagata, Tendo, Kamioginoto 778
สถานีที่ใกล้ที่สุด Yamadera Station
วิธีการเดินทางมาจากสถานีรถไฟ From JR Yamadera Station -- 10 minutes by car.
วิธีการเดินทางมาโดยรถยนต์ Yamagata Expressway Yamagata Kita Interchange via National Route 13 7km/15 minutes.

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