Iwasaki Sightseeing Apple Orchard

  • 李子
  • 桃子
  • 櫻桃
  • 玉米
  • 蘋果
農園名 Iwasaki Sightseeing Apple Orchard
農園情報 In this hilly area at the foot for Mt. Iwaki, where temperatures are prone to drastic changes, apples with great coloring and high natural sweetness are produced. Fuji, tsuraru, and other kinds, 40 types of apples in all, can be picked here from late July to mid-November. Depending on the timing, cherries and peaches, and even corn, can be picked here as well.
價位 Depends on the season/conditions.
營業時間 8:30-17:00 (October-November 16:30)
公休日 Open from end of June-mid-November. Open every day during season.
電話 0172-83-2746
郵遞區號 036-1342
地址 Aomori, Hirosaki, Hyakuzawa, Terasawa 120-3
最近車站 Hirosaki Station
從車站前往交通 From JR Hirosaki Station a 4 minute walk to Hirosaki Bus Terminal -- Konan bus for Karekidai, 33 minutes by bus, bus stop: Kanko Ringoenmae, within sight.
開車前往交通 Tohoku Expressway Owani Hirosakimae Interchange via National Route 7, Prefectural Road 260/3, via Apple Road 20km/30 minutes.

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