Buzen Fruit Land

  • 栗子
  • 葡萄
  • 蕃薯
  • 蜜柑
農園名 Buzen Fruit Land
農園情報 In addition to tasting courses for grapes and chestnuts, barbecues can be enjoyed here too (1650 yen, reservation required). On sunny days you can also enjoy views of the Suonada sea as well. Please confirm their status before visiting the farm.
價位 Depends on the season/conditions.
營業時間 9:00-16:00
公休日 Closed irregularly.
電話 0979-83-4622
郵遞區號 828-0011
地址 Fukuoka, Buzen, Shiromaru 2024-31
最近車站 Unoshima Station
從車站前往交通 From JR Unoshima Station -- 10 minutes by car.
開車前往交通 Shiida Road Shiida Minami Interchange (Half Interchange) via National Route 10 6km/20 minutes.

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